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Your web design is important if you want to reach some of the 79 percent of search engine users that will almost always click on normal, organic web links instead of those that are sponsored. In fact, 80 percent of users say they will actively avoid sponsored ads and links in favor of natural results. That means that your web design is going to matter, and that you are going to need the right search engine optimization to be incorporated into that design if you want to get the right results. Fortunately, it is possible for businesses to outsource SEO whenever they need to be sure that they have the competitive edge, but for those that provide it, Seo reseller plans are also available to make sure that clients are connected with the content that they need.

Seo reseller programs can help businesses to focus on social media and web design so that they can get the best results. 75 percent of those who perform a search on the internet find what they are looking for on the very first page, and will not go any further than that. A majority of users will also determine whether or not they are going to stay on a web page within the first six seconds of loading it. That means that you do not have a lot of time or opportunity to impress, but with the right online marketing and web design it may be possible to make that impression as soon as possible. If you want your company to be able to target the 93 percent of internet users who begin their day on the net by performing a search, then your search marketing is going to play a role in that.

With over $200 billion in sales in 2011, eCommerce is becoming a force to reckon with, and web design is helping businesses to achieve their sales figures and totals along the way. Your choice of social media resellers and hosting could play a large role as well, so be sure that your business is working with the right people for the job. Companies will respond to roughly 30 percent of their social media fans and their feedback, so focus counts. Choosing to focus on great web design and social media solutions could be the right call if you want your business to truly shine and stand up against the competition online.

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