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A website’s ranking is largely and really almost entirely influenced by the presence or absence of search engine optimization, an Internet marketing tool in which specific and predetermined keywords as well as complex algorithms are used in tandem to position one company over another. Search engines normally are not solely ranked on their popularity but on this key factor, which companies pay for as an indirect form of advertising. This somewhat new online marketing tool is fast changing the methods in which companies use advertising and pay for it, and the way that marketing companies help these companies.

Through Seo tips and tricks are made available to customers, normally from a white label SEO company that prefers to remain anonymous and instead work its products through other channels. These SEO resellers, as they are called, institute both SEO and their other programs into cohesive marketing programs that target specific markets and achieve way better results than past marketing efforts have had. Case in point: leads generated through SEO have an approximate 14.6 percent closing rate, meaning 14.6 percent of the time clients have gotten business from SEO, whereas outbound leads like cold calling experience only about a 1.7 closing rate. The latter is the way marketing used to be done, and the former is the new way of doing things.

A white label SEO firm will work to give clients the organic links they aspire to have, of course with the communication based assistance of its resellers. The white label SEO company will ensure the 79 percent of search engine users who stay away from paid advertising and stick with organic search results find them, as do the 80 percent of users saying they go nowhere near sponsored results that appear above organic links on a search engine results page. A white label SEO firm will also target the 64 percent of mobile phone owners who use their phones to shop and browse for products online. Through a program available through the white label SEO company and that is passed down to resellers to sell as their own, these companies will be more visible to their respective target audiences. Even better, a white label SEO firm will position a company better in the social media world, which 9 out of 10 people 18 and older use very frequently. The purpose of the white label SEO is to work behind the scenes and craft a stronger presence, and 9 times out of 10 it gets the job done fantastically for clients.

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