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Created in 2006 as the social media phenomenon was kicking into high gear, Twitter has now become both a household name and one of the most dominant platforms that people can use to connect with others across the globe. Unique among all other types of social media websites, Twitter focuses exclusively on what could be called the written soundbite. One of the most unique things about Twitter is its format. There are several incredible ways that this amazing website is unique among all of its peers.

Twitter is easy to sign up for. All one has to do is enter in an email address, select a user name and enter in a brief description about themselves if they wish. That is all that is required. In an age where some claim that certain social media websites are violating privacy rights, tweeters can enter in as much or as little about themselves as they wish.

Twitter posts, called tweets, are limited to one hundred and forty characters. While this may initially seem limiting, it can actually force people to think somewhat creatively. People can post whatever they want. The formats rapid fire delivery system allows for people to reach hundreds or even thousands of people.

On other social media platforms, people make friends. On Twitter, they get followers. People can follow or be followed by anyone interested in what they have to say. After choosing to follow someone, everything that individual posts will be featured on ones feed. The more people one follows, the larger and more packed their feed will become.

There are several tools that Twitter users can use to help spread their message. Hyperlinks are automatically condensed to save room. People can attach a hashtag, otherwise known as the pound symbol to a work, and it will then show up whenever anyone looks up that word. By attaching the commercial at symbol to a fellow tweeters name, they can send the tweet directly to that individual. Because of these and other amazing advancements, Twitter has become of the most dominant forms of social media today, and is poised to only continue growing in the future.

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